Camargue 2018-2019

A portfolio of eight limited edition prints


“It all started with a trip to Arles. We were invited to a party in the middle of the dusty Camargue. It was a community festival to celebrate the branding of young bulls. The field was mostly full of male horsemen, known as Gardians, except for one 16 year old girl whose confidence and poise shone out and spoke to me. Serenely she held the reigns of four horses in the midst of the busy scene, while the Gardians jumped off to tether and brand the bucking, writhing young animals. Her name was Melodie.

I followed her, we talked and thus began a year during which I photographed her with her young friends — both human and equine — and their beautifully simple life in harmony with the natural world.”

Julia Bostock

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Complete portfolio, signed on title page.

Melodie, Camargue, 2018

Noah and Trainers, Camargue, 2019

Le Cheval Camarguais, 2019

Françoise, Camargue, 2019

Tête-à-tête, Camargue, 2019

Bare-back, Camargue, 2018

Double Dapple, Camargue, 2019

The Guardian, Camargue, 2019

Collotype printing was the state of the art for photographic reproduction at the turn of the twentieth century. However, due to the high level of expertise needed to obtain consistent results, it was quickly replaced by faster, cheaper, more mechanized processes. One of the collotype’s distinguishing characteristics is the ability to display extremely fine tonal gradations and a practically infinite range of values. By approximating the full array of perceptible tones — from deep shadow to brilliant highlight —collotype prints faithfully render photographic images in exquisite detail.

As one of the world’s few remaining producers of collotypes, Benrido offers rare access to this lost craft, providing opportunities for today’s photographers to collaborate with master artisan printers in making singularly beautiful museum-quality prints for exhibition and display.

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Complete Portfolio of Eight Collotype Prints
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Individual Signed and Framed Prints
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Complete Set of Eight Framed Prints
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About Julia

Julia Bostock is a leading children’s fashion and family lifestyle photographer shooting advertising campaigns and editorials for top international brands and magazines.

Julia is based in London and Suffolk in the UK and shoots on location across the world.

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Advertising clients include: Liberty, Fendi, Monsoon, Marks & Spencer, Harrods, Clarks, John Lewis, Boden, Afiniti, House of Fraser, Jigsaw, Yeo Valley, Debenhams, Chicco, Prenatal, Nestlé, Boots, Mothercare, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Chester Barrie, Start-rite, Comfort, Petit Tribe, Avon, Caramel, Ernstings, Great Ormond Street, La Redoute, Morrisons, Oxfam, Meri Meri, Ssone, Omibia, Marie-Chantal, KJ Laundry, Doe, George, Hibou Home, Lala & Bea, TweedySmith, Quinton Chadwick, Simba.

Editorial clients include: Awkward World, Tatler, Vogue Bambini, British Airways, Babiekins, Collezioni, Milk, Luna, Papier Mache, Country Living, Red, Mini-Maven, Naif, La Petite, Gurgle, Suffolk Life, Smallish, Enfants Terribles, Perfect Bound.


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