cashmere collection

Romantic and elegant fashion shoot for Homespun’s cashmere collection

Blonde young woman stands in forest setting wearing a full length black cashmere jumper looking melancholic Bearded man stands on rock with long grass and a pine forest behind him, his eyes are closed and he wears jeans and a cashmere jumper.
Couple lie on patterned carpet resting and wearing cashmere
Bearded man with tattooed hand stares into the distance with his arms crossed
Blonde woman hugs her legs and looks ate the floor for Homespun fashion shoot
Blonde young woman stands on grass pathway wearing a full length black cashmere jumper which has caught in the wind Bearded man stands front of green fern, he looks at the camera and does up his seater zip
Man hugs woman, both wear cashmere
Blonde woman lies on sheepskin rug in red and blue striped cashmere jumper
Blonde woman stands against faded patterned wallpaper in grey jumper
Black and white image of woman with her arm shading her eyes, stares into the distance.
Bearded man stands in long grass wth pine forest behind him, he looks at the camera and wears jeans and a cashmere jumper.
Blonde woman wearing pink cashmere jumpsuit sits by a bed with a floral bed cover

About Julia

Julia Bostock is a leading children’s fashion and family lifestyle photographer shooting advertising campaigns and editorials for top international brands and magazines.

Julia is based in London and Suffolk in the UK and shoots on location across the world.

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Advertising clients include: Liberty, Fendi, Monsoon, Marks & Spencer, Harrods, Clarks, John Lewis, Boden, Afiniti, House of Fraser, Jigsaw, Yeo Valley, Debenhams, Chicco, Prenatal, Nestlé, Boots, Mothercare, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Chester Barrie, Start-rite, Comfort, Petit Tribe, Avon, Caramel, Ernstings, Great Ormond Street, La Redoute, Morrisons, Oxfam, Meri Meri, Ssone, Omibia, Marie-Chantal, KJ Laundry, Doe, George, Hibou Home, Lala & Bea, TweedySmith, Quinton Chadwick, Simba.

Editorial clients include: Awkward World, Tatler, Vogue Bambini, British Airways, Babiekins, Collezioni, Milk, Luna, Papier Mache, Country Living, Red, Mini-Maven, Naif, La Petite, Gurgle, Suffolk Life, Smallish, Enfants Terribles, Perfect Bound.


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